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Office of Trade & International Relations

Helping Montanans Compete at Home and Around the Globe

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The office provides export information as well as technical and marketing assistance to Montana companies pursuing commercial opportunities here and abroad. We want to help Montanans prosper by diversifying their customer base and increasing their sales of Montana products and services.

The Montana International Marketing Assistance Program is open for applications October 1, 2014 - September 1, 2015.

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Resources offered include:

Bureau Staff

Bureau Chief - Ms. Lonie Stimac
Manages the International Trade & Relations Bureau. Duties include program administration and planning, personnel administration, budgeting and fiscal administration, as well as diplomatic and international relations.

Marketing Officer - Mrs. Angelyn DeYoung
Assists Montana companies in developing marketing strategies to increase sales and market share in the U.S. and abroad. Duties include overseeing the Made in Montana Marketing Initiative, the Trade Show Assistance Program, and the Montana International Marketing Assistance Program, as well as bureau marketing and publicity including development and maintenance of websites.

Export Marketing Officer - Ms. Katie Willcockson
Helps to promote export opportunities to companies that are export ready and assists in identifying potential markets for those companies. Provides assistance on the mechanics of exporting, consultations, and training to assist Montanans in successfully exporting their products and services to international markets.

Made in Montana Program - Mrs. Sue Clark-Jones
Coordinates the Made in Montana Program, which includes member services, Made in Montana online products directory and Made in Montana logo usage. Provides support for the bureau's staff and daily office management.

Japan Trade Office - Ms. Mako Sakaguchi, Representative
The Montana - Japan Trade Office is managed by a contractor that serves as the official representative of the State of Montana in Japan to promote the interests of the state in international trade, agriculture, tourism development, and educational and cultural exchanges. As part of a reciprocity agreement, the Japan office is occupied rent free and is located in the Kumamoto Prefectural capitol building.

Montana International Marketing Assistance Grant - Vacant
Provides assistance to Montana small businesses interested in participating in international trade shows, foreign language translation of websites and technical/promotional materials, and subscription to U.S. Commercial Service programs and market research. 

Office of Trade & International Relations 
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