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Certified Regional Development Corporations Program

Program Background

The 2003 Montana Legislature created the CRDC program. The intent of the program is to encourage a regional approach to economic development that facilitates the efficient delivery of economic development programs by supporting regional capacity.
About CRDCs
CRDCs facilitate the identification of priority needs of local communities and acknowledge that local strategic planning is critical in developing local economies. CRDCs foster collaboration and bring elected officials, business leaders and stakeholders together to prepare and implement regional development strategies.
CRDCs are responsible for helping local officials, communities and businesses assess, plan and facilitate action within their regions. CRDCs are required to have wide-based support from each county and community including local development organizations within the region. CRDCs leverage scarce resources for economic development. CRDCs receive regional capacity-building grants from the Montana Department of Commerce on an annual basis, and provide professional economic development services in their regions.
CRDCs provide business technical assistance and financing. CRDCs leverage financial resources from a variety of sectors that include government (federal, state, county and local), the private sector, philanthropic community and academia to aid in the expansion of their region's economy. For example, CRDCs manage Revolving Loan Funds (RLFs) that are designed to assist new and/or expanding businesses. Business financing through an RLF assists in making a project a reality and thereby creating and/or retaining local employment opportunities.
Who can apply for CRDC funding?
A CRDC program applicant must be a private, non-profit corporation that applies for certification as a CRDC through a competitive state Request for Proposal (RFP) process. Current CRDC contracts expire on December 31, 2015.
CRDC Administrative Rules
The State adopted CRDC rules (Administrative Rules of Montana, Sections 8.99.301 through 8.99.306) addressing implementation of the program. The rules define the CRDC certification process, the method of quarterly distribution of assistance grants, allowable uses for assistance grants, quarterly reporting requirements and criteria for determining non-compliance and de-certification.
Program Contact

Anne Pichette, CRDC Program Specialist, (406) 841-2751